Friday, September 16, 2011


A: Because when he tried to go to the bar, the bouncer insisted his ID was a fake*.

Ha ha but seriously, this is pretty cool: progress is finally being made in the White House. I'm sure Obama doesn't actually do much of the home-brewing himself, of course, but reportedly one or more of the chefs in the White House is a big fan of the h-b, and the Obamas paid for all the equipment with their own money. So far it looks like the result is a "White House Honey Blonde Ale." According to Irish Central, the White House will make a second batch special for Irish American Heritage Month, made with honey from the White House garden beehive.

This apparently makes Obama's the first administration to brew beer in the White House. If you know your history, you're probably aware that most of the Founding Fathers were big into beer, as any good person would have been before the Prohibition fucked our country up. But apparently none of them actually did their brewing in the White House. Obama has also been known to hand out Goose Island (from his hometown) as gifts to foreign diplomats.

Recently, Obama sat down with Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, who saved 36 lives during a firefight in Afghanistan. Meyer requested a Bud Light, but the White House doesn't carry that shit, thank god. The former marine was served a White House Honey Ale instead. Good job, The White House.

*and demanded to see his birth certificate.

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