Friday, October 7, 2011

Now Brewing: Sludge Metal Stout

"A crushingly brutal imperial stout with grim European influences."

Just to be clear, the loud, ominous gurgling sounds are much louder and more frequent than I managed to capture in this video. (The loudest sound, which I can hear from outside my room on the other side of my apartment, comes in toward the end of the video but is still pretty muted. Turn your speakers all the way up.) The best way I can put it is that my beer sounds either like a very large man with diarrhea in a public restroom, in the stall beside me, or, possibly, like a large sea-creature stalking its prey. I think the last one is actually the most accurate, because there will be about a minute of clicking/bubbling/jungle-like noises, followed by about twenty seconds of loud belching sounds.

Okay, so, why?

Basically, I'm trying an Imperial stout with Belgian Ardennes yeast. And holy balls is this yeast aggressive. There was maybe an hour of lag time after pitching before I started getting active bubbling, and after a night of fermenting, my tiny blow-off tube can hardly handle the foam this yeast is pushing off.

Right now I'm fermenting in my mini-fridge at around 64 degrees (one degree below the yeast's minimum threshold) in an attempt to slow the fermentation down a bit and avoid a bucket bomb.

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