Thursday, November 3, 2011

Founders - Red Rye PA Review

Brewery: Founders (MA)
Style: Rye Beer
ABV: 6.6%
Grade: A

Founders Red Rye PA nails it. Yes sir, this is a fine beer; it hits everything I'd expect and want from a "red rye", with a bit of rye spiciness, and the abundant, juicy hopping of a good IPA. Red Rye PA is 70 IBU, so it's certainly up there with the high end of IPAs, but that makes sense — there's more sweet malt to balance it, and the hops are fruity Amarillo. The rye is mild — not particularly spicy, here, but rye has a way of making a beer seem drier than it really is, and it certainly creates that wonderful silky mouthfeel. 

I usually try not to compare beers unless it's really applicable, and here, there are three obvious comparisons I can't help but make. The most obvious (of beer's that I've tried, obviously) is Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye, which struck me as having a greater malt presence. But the Bear Republic beer focused on caramel malts, giving it that sort of sweetness and a thicker body, where the "red" character of this one adds a gentler, milder sort of maltiness that I definitely enjoy more. In fact, combine Sixpoint's Righteous Rye and Ithaca's Cascazilla (a red ale hopped up like an IPA) in perfect harmony and you'll get this. I like it every bit as much as those two beers, I think.

A delicious, well-made beer that should appeal to all sorts of beer lovers.

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