Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hanson, The Band, 'Launching' an IPA Called MMMHop

These guys. These guys right here.

Wait, wait, wait. Stop everything.

So according to this here article, Hanson, the band, yes, that band, is releasing a beer. An IPA, apparently.

If it were just a crappy-sounding lager, I would dismiss this as another case in the epidemic of bands cashing in with crappy-sounding alcoholic beverages. But an IPA? Fair enough, Hanson; you win this round. An IPA really, really does not strike me as the beverage of choice for the typical Hanson fan demographic (whatever that is.) An IPA strikes me as the sort of thing a band would release because they actually like IPAs. They might even be beer geeks! Good for them.

I know what you're wondering now, and yes, you are correct. They are considering calling the beer "MMMHop IPA." GAME OVER MAN. GAME OVER.

So I guess Hanson is a better band than AC/DC

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