Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bear Flavored's Ultimate Guide To Hop Varieties / Hop Cheat Sheet

Wait, wait. I worry what you just heard was: "Give me a lot of hops." What I said was: "Give me all the hops you have." Do you understand?

I love hops. I love that there are so absurdly many types of hops out there, with new ones being bred all the time. But this very reason to master the Way of the Hop can make it hard to do so. Often you'll go to the homebrew store, recipe in hand, only to find that their outdated website doesn't reflect what hops they actually have in stock. What is a homebrewer to do? Who wants to ask for help? Yet this should be no reason to sub in Cascade yet again.

What you need is a good cheat sheet to take with you.

But so far, I have not found an extensive, complete, easy-to-skim, easy-to-print hop resource even on the internet, and I usually end up searching between a number of (still great) sites. Many of these have much more information on each hop than I generally need at the time, since each hop is given its own page — a format that's not really printer (or last-minute shopping) friendly.

So where can you find an easily-readable, printable, complete guide to every hop variety? Fortunately, I can answer that question, as I just spent a ridiculous number of hours making such a resource. Right here! Click on for the massive, awesome list.

Admiral (UK)
AA Range: 13.5 - 16%
Characteristics: Bred as a replacement for Target with a less harsh bitterness. Weak aroma with mild citrus character.
Substitutes: Target, Challenger

Ahtanum (US)
AA Range: 5.7 - 6.3%
Characteristics: Citrus and floral character, with grapefruit qualities said to be stronger than in Cascade. Ahtanum may also feature resiny or earth notes.
Substitutes: Cascade, Amarillo

Amarillo (US)
AA Range: 8 - 11%
Beta: 6 - 7%
Cohumulone: 21 - 24%
Characteristics: Floral, grapefruit, citrus, peach.
Substitutes: Cascade, Centennial, Citra

Apollo (US)
AA Range: 18 - 22%
Beta: 5.5 - 8%
Cohumulone: 24 - 28%
Characteristics: Orange, with some resin. Dank.
Substitutes: Summit

Aramis (US)
AA Range: 8%
Characteristics: Herbal, floral, earthy, lemon.
Substitutes: N/A

Aurora (Slovenia)
AA Range: 7 - 9%
Characteristics: General "hoppy" aroma, fruity.
Substitutes: Styrian Golding, Premiant, Northern Brewer

Azacca (US)
AA Range: 14 - 16%
Beta: 5.4%
Cohumulone: N/A
Characteristics: Fresh citrus, tangerine, mango, grapefruit, piney, spicy, pineapple.

Belma (US)
AA Range: 12%
Characteristics: Clean fruity hoppiness; strawberry, melon, mild citrus. Click through for my experience with Belma in a single hop IPA.
Substitutes: Pacific Gem

Bramling Cross (UK)
AA Range: 7 - 10%
Characteristics: Strong and spicy English hop. Fruity blackcurrant and lemon citrus.
Substitutes: East Kent Goldings, Progress, Brewer's Gold

Bravo (US)
AA Range: 14 - 17%
Characteristics: Smooth, mild flavor; fruity, floral. Clean bittering.
Substitutes: Warrior

Brewer's Gold (UK)
AA Range: 5 - 8%
Characteristics: Early bittering hop. Resiny, spicy. Black currant aroma.
Substitutes: Bullion, Galena, Bramling Cross

Bullion (US)
AA Range: 7 - 9%
Characteristics: Early, traditional bittering hop for stouts. Resiny, earthy; pungent black currant or raspberry aroma.
Substitutes: Brewer's Gold, Galena

Calypso (US)
AA Range: 12-14%
Characteristics: Lemony aroma, tart apple, earthy tea.
Substitutes: n/a

Cascade (US)
AA Range: 7.7 - 9.1%
Beta: 6.4 - 7.1%
Cohumulone: 33 - 40%
Characteristics: Ubiquitous American hop; citrusy grapefruit character.
Substitutes: Centennial

Cashmere (US)
AA Range: 4.5 - 7.0%
Beta: 4.8 - 7%
Cohumulone: 22 - 24%
Characteristics: Mild herbal aroma with strong melon, lemon, lime and slightly spicy notes. Daughter of Cascade.
Substitutes: N/A

Centennial (US)
AA Range: 9 - 12%
Beta: 3.5 - 4.5%
Cohumulone: 28 - 30%
Characteristics: Balanced fruity citrus / stone-fruit character. Smooth bitterness.
Substitutes: Cascade, Citra

Challenger (UK)
AA Range: 6 - 9 %
Characteristics: Clean bittering hop with strong, spicy aroma.
Substitutes: Perle, Target, Phoenix, EKG

Chinook (US)
AA Range: 11 - 14%
Beta: 3 - 4%
Cohumulone: 29 - 34%
Characteristics: Spicy, piney flavor with some grapefruit.
Substitutes: Nugget, Columbus, Northern Brewer

Citra (US)
AA Range: 10 - 12%
Beta: 3.5 - 4.5%
Cohumulone: 22 - 24%
Characteristics: Potent aroma of intense mango, tropical fruit and citrus. Flavor is a bit smoother, less specific but still intense. Extremely effective as a dry hop and late addition hop. I've heard complaints about Citra as a bittering hop
Substitutes: Galaxy, Centennial, Nelson Sauvin

Cluster (US)
AA Range: 5.5 - 8.5%
Characteristics: Pungent bittering hop; spicy, floral aroma. One of the original American hops.
Substitutes: Galena, Northern Brewer

Columbus / Tomahawk / Zeus (CTZ) (US)
AA Range: 14 - 16%
Beta: 4.5 - 5.5%
Cohumulone: 30 - 35%
Characteristics: Dank, earthy, resin.
Substitutes: Chinook, Nugget

Comet (US)
AA Range: 9 - 11%
Characteristics: Intense wild American grapefruit / citrus character; extremely dank.
Substitutes: Summit

Crystal (US)
AA Range: 2 - 5%
Characteristics: American grown Hallertau hybrid. Flowery, spicy aroma. Sister hop to Mount Hood and Liberty.
Substitutes: Mt. Hood, Hersbrucker, Liberty, Hallertau

Dana (Slovenia)
AA Range: 11 - 16%
Beta: 4.8 - 6%
Cohumulone: 28 - 31%
Characteristics: A psuedo-Noble hop with a rustic, musty spiciness and mild bitterness.
Substitutes: N/A

Delta (US)
AA Range: 5.5 - 7%
Beta: 5.5 - 7%
Cohumulone: 22 - 24%
Characteristics: Slightly spicy with a hint of citrus. (Delta is a cross between Fuggles and Cascade). Described as subtle and mild.
Substitutes: N/A

East Kent Goldings (UK)
AA Range: 4.5 - 6.5%
Beta: 1.9 - 2.8%
Cohumulone: 28 - 32%
Characteristics: A popular, traditional English hop with gentle fragrant aroma. Smooth, spicy and floral. Has defined English ales for centuries.
Substitutes: Fuggle, First Gold, Williamette 

El Dorado (US)
AA Range: 14 - 16%
Characteristics: An intense, candy-like aroma of cherry, pear and fruit. Can taste like cherry Jolly Ranchers in extra-hoppy beers.
Substitutes: Sounds pretty unique, sorry folks

Equinox (US)
AA Range: 14.4 - 15.6%
Beta: 4.6 - 5.1%
Cohumulone: 31.7 - 38%
Characteristics: Lemon, lime, papaya, apple, green pepper, floral, herbal.
Substitutes: N/A

Falconers Flight (US)
AA Range: 10.5%
Characteristics: Tropical, citrus, floral, lemon and grapefruit.
Substitutes: Cascade, Ahtanum, Sorachi Ace

Falconers Seven Seas (US)
AA Range: 9 - 10%
Characteristics: Fruity, citrus, spicy, earthy. A cross-breed of 7 "C" variety hops. (Get it?)
Substitutes: Simcoe 

First Gold (UK)
AA Range: 6 - 9%
Characteristics: A child hybrid of Goldings, similar in aroma; spicy. Woody, minty flavor and aroma.
Substitutes: Eat Kent Goldings, Fuggle, Crystal

Fuggle (UK)
AA Range: 4 - 6%
Characteristics: Woody, earthy. Mildly spicy.
Substitutes: Williamette, Styrian Goldings

Galaxy (AUS)
AA Range: 13 - 15%
Beta: 5.8 - 6%
Cohumulone: 35%
Characteristics: Tropical passionfruit, citrus hints of peach, mango. Similar to Citra but more fruity, less dank. For notes on my Galaxy single hop IPA, click here.
Substitutes:  Citra, Amarillo, Centennial

Galena (UK)
AA Range: 11 - 14%
Characteristics: Fruity black currant; citrus.
Substitutes: Legacy, Brewer's Gold, Nugget

Glacier (US)
AA Range: 5 - 6%
Characteristics: Earthy/floral character with a sweet citrus.
Substitutes: Williamette, Styrian Goldings

Green Bullet (NZ)
AA Range: 10 - 14%
Characteristics: Fruity, resiny; described as having a distinct raisin-like character.
Substitutes: Possibly Galena

Hallertau (GER)
AA Range: 3.5 - 5.5%
Beta: 3 - 4%
Cohumulone: 17 - 24%
Characteristics: Versatile, classic hop with mild spicy, flowery, earthy aroma. "Noble" hop common to German lagers. See also: Hallertau Mittelfrüh
Substitutes: Hersbruck, Mt. Hood, Liberty, Helga

Hallertau Aroma (Wakatu) (NZ)
AA Range: 7 - 9%
Beta: 5.8 - 8.5%
Cohumulone: 28 - 35%
Characteristics: Less spicy than Mittelfrüh, with a floral and citrus / lime character. Also known as Wakatu.
Substitutes: N/A

Hallertau Blanc (GER)
AA Range: 9 - 12%
Characteristics: Flowery-fruity aroma, passion fruit, grapefruit, gooseberry and pineapple.
Substitutes: Sounds like it could be the German response to Galaxy / Nelson Sauvin?

Hallertau Mittelfrüh (GER)
AA Range: 3.5%
Beta: 3.5 - 4.5%
Cohumulone: 20 - 26%
Characteristics: Versatile, classic hop with mild spicy, flowery, earthy aroma. "Noble" hop common to German lagers. Most likely a regional subset of Hallertau hops.
Substitutes: Hersbruck, Mt. Hood, Liberty, Helga

Helga (AUS)
AA Range: 5 - 6.3%
Beta: 4.6%
Characteristics: Noble-ish aroma, flowery, mild. (I like that the few sites I've found with this hop describe it as "good for Ales and lagers." Gee, thanks.)
Substitutes: Hallertau Mittelfrueh, Hersbrucker

Herald (UK)
AA Range: 9 - 13%
Characteristics: A sister of Pioneer; strong bitterness with citrus and grapefruit.
Substitutes: Pioneer

Herkules (GER)
AA Range: 12 - 17%
Characteristics: Slightly fruity, spicy aroma.
Substitutes: Horizon, Magnum, (Hallertau) Taurus

(Hallertau) Hersbrucker (GER)
AA Range: 2 - 5%
Beta: 4 - 6%
Cohumulone: 19 - 25%
Characteristics: Moderate-intensity floral character, spice and fruit.
Substitutes: Hallertau, Helga

Horizon (US)
AA Range: 10 - 16%
Characteristics: Citrus and floral, fragrant aroma. Possibly some spice / resin. Clean bittering.
Substitutes: Magnum, Amarillo

Hüll Melon (GER)
AA Range: 6.9 - 7.5%
Characteristics: Strawberry and honeydew, melon nuances.
Substitutes: N/A

Kohatu (NZ)
AA Range: 6 - 7%
Beta: 5.8 - 3.5%
Cohumulone: 21%
Characteristics: Intense floral characters, grapefruit, pine needles, tropical fruit.
Substitutes: N/A

Legacy (US)
AA Range: ~7 - 8%
Characteristics: Floral, blackcurrant, spicy.
Substitutes: Cluster, Galena

Liberty (US)
AA Range: 3 - 6%
Characteristics: Mild, slightly spicy, resiny. Sometimes considered a noble hop.
Substitutes: Hallertau

Lublin (Poland)
A Polish-bred descendant of Czech Saaz.

Marynka (Poland)
AA Range: 7 - 10%
Characteristics: Earthy, rooty, liquorice.
Substitutes: Perle, Chinook

Magnum (GER)
AA Range: 11 - 15%
Characteristics: Very clean bittering with mild, faint aroma.
Substitutes: Horizon

Mandarina Bavaria (GER)
AA Range: 7 - 10%
Characteristics: Intense mandarin, citrus notes.
Substitutes: N/A

Meridian (US)
AA Range: 6 - 7%
Characteristics: Not much info on this one yet; I've read that Meridian offers citrus, lemon, with some tropical fruit and floral characteristics.
Substitutes: Citra, Amarillo, Sorachi Ace.. ?

Merkur (GER)
AA Range: 12 - 15%
Characteristics: Similar to Magnum for bittering, but with an earthy, floral aroma.
Substitutes: Magnum, Horizon

Millennium (US)
AA Range: 13 - 16%
Beta: 4.8%
Cohumulone: 30%
Characteristics: Clean bittering, with herbal aroma.
Substitutes: Nugget

Mosaic (US)
AA Range: 10 - 12%
Beta: 3.2 - 3.9%
Cohumulone: 24 - 26%
Characteristics: Mango, stone fruit, berry medley, melon. Mild herbal character reported in some instances. Click through for notes on my Mosaic single hop IPA.
Substitutes: Possibly a blend of Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin

Motueka (NZ)
AA Range: 6.5 -7.5%
Characteristics: Lemony, tropical fruit, spice.
Substitutes: Saaz

Mount Hood (US)
AA Range: 5 - 8%
Characteristics: Mild and clean aroma and flavor.
Substitutes: Hallertauer, Tettnanger

Mount Rainier (US)
AA Range: 5 - 8%
Characteristics: Hallertauer with higher AA; aroma of citrus and licorice.
Substitutes: Hallertauer, Fuggles

Nelson Sauvin (NZ)
AA Range: 11 - 13%
Beta: 6 - 8%
Cohumulone: 22 - 26%
Characteristics: White wine, grapefruit, tangy berries. Dank and intensely fruity. Click through for notes on my Nelson single hop pale ale.
Substitutes: Extremely unique, no subs.

Newport (US)
AA Range: 12 - 15%
Characteristics: Mild aroma; good bittering.
Substitutes: Magnum

Northdown (UK)
AA Range: 6 - 10%
Characteristics: Clean bitterness and a distinct woody, minty flavor.
Substitutes: Northern Brewer

Northern Brewer (UK)
AA Range: 8 - 10%
Characteristics: Good bitterness and neutral, mild flavor.
Substitutes: Northdown, Perle, Aurora

Nugget (US)
AA Range: 10 - 14%
Characteristics: Somewhat heavy, herbal bitterness and aroma.
Substitutes: Galena, Columbus

Opal (GER)
AA Range: 8 - 10%
Characteristics: Moderate bitterness, spicy, fruity, floral.
Substitutes: Saphir, East Kent Goldings

Pacific Gem (NZ)
AA Range: 13 - 16%
Characteristics: Clean bitterness; soft flavor with notes of strawberry, blackberry, berry medley.  Tangy citrus, melon, tangerine. Click through for notes on my Pacific Gem single hop pale ale.
Substitutes: Belma

Pacifica (NZ)
AA Range: 5 -6%
Characteristics: Orange marmalade flavor, with some citrus and floral character as well.
Substitutes: Possibly a combination of Mittlefruh and Amarillo.

Pacific Jade (NZ)
AA Range: 12 - 14%
Characteristics: Soft bitterness. Bold aroma of citrus and crushed black pepper.
Substitutes: Magnum

Palisade (US)
AA Range: 5.5 - 9.5%
Characteristics: Fruity but non-citrusy aroma; earthy undertones.
Substitutes: Willamette

Perle (GER)
AA Range: 6 - 8%
Characteristics: Spicy, minty aroma of moderate intensity and balanced bittering.
Substitutes: Northern Brewer, Northdown

Phoenix (UK)
AA Range: 7 - 11%
Characteristics: Spicy "English Ale" aroma with clean bittering.
Substitutes: Challenger, Northern Brewer

Pilgrim (UK)
AA Range: 9 - 13%
Characteristics: Spicy earthy character.
Substitutes: Target

Pioneer (UK)
AA Range: 8 - 10%
Characteristics: Citrus (less aggressive than American hops; more "English")
Substitutes: EKG

Polaris (GER)
AA Range: 19 - 23%
Characteristics: Minty.
Substitutes: N/A

Premiant (Czech Republic)
AA Range: 7 - 10%
Characteristics: Mild, pleasant aroma.
Substitutes: Styrian Goldings, perhaps Saaz and Aurora

Pride of Ringwood (AUS)
AA Range: 9 - 10.5%
Beta: 5.5 - 6%
Cohumulone: 32%
Characteristics: Unique, intense aroma describe as "coarse," citrusy, herbal. Ubiquitous Australian hop.
Substitutes: Cluster, Galena

Progress (UK)
AA Range: 5 - 7%
Characteristics: Mildly spicy or woody, hint of juniper, similar to Fuggle but slightly sweeter.
Substitutes: Fuggle

Rakau (NZ)
AA Range: 9 - 11%
Beta: 4.6%
Cohumulone: 25%
Characteristics: Grassy and spicy upfront, with some peach and tangerine in the finish. Click through for notes on my Rakau single hop pale ale.
Substitutes: N/A

Riwaka (NZ)
AA Range: 5 - 7%
Characteristics: Strong grapefruit citrus character.
Substitutes: Cascade

Saaz (Czech Republic)
AA Range: 3 - 5%
Characteristics: Soft aroma and bitterness, maybe the quintessential "spicy" hop. Noble hop traditionally used for pilsners.
Substitutes: Sterling, Spalt

San Juan Ruby Red (US)
AA Range: 7%
Characteristics: Wild growing hop discovered in CO. Fruity, slightly sweet.
Substitutes: n/a

Santiam (US)
AA Range: 5 - 7%
Characteristics: Similar to Tettnanger. Herbal, floral.
Substitutes: Tettnanger

Saphir (GER)
AA Range: 3 - 5.5%
Characteristics: Sweet, clean, spicy; citrusy with an almost tangerine aroma.
Substitutes: Hallertau

Satus (US)
AA Range: 12.5 - 14.0%
Characteristics: Similar to Galena.
Substitutes: Galena

Select (GER)
AA Range: 4 - 6%
Characteristics: Bred to be similar to Spalt, Tettnang, Saaz.
Substitutes: Spalt, Tettnang, Saaz

AA Range: 3.5%
Characteristics: Light perfume aroma.

Simcoe (US) 
AA Range: 11 - 14%
Beta: 4 - 5%
Cohumulone: 15 - 20%
Characteristics: Pine and citrus, sweet berries and perfume. Unique, complex flavor with very smooth bittering. Click for notes on my Simcoe single hop pale ale.
Substitutes: A combination of Columbus and Centennial might come close.

Smaragd (GER)
AA Range: 4 - 6%
Characteristics: A new European response to Amarillo. Fruity nose, flowery; more prominent aroma than most European varieties; balanced subdued fruitiness.
Substitutes: Try a combo of German and American hops

Sonnet Golding 
AA Range: 6.6%
Characteristics: Similar characteristics to Golding hops.

Sorachi Ace 
AA Range: 12 - 16%
Characteristics: Lemony, Lemongrass, lemon-cream flavor.
Substitutes: Southern Cross

Southern Cross (NZ)
AA Range: 11 - 14%
Characteristics: Lemon, lime, pine.
Substitutes: Sorachi Ace

Sovereign (UK)
AA Range: 4 - 7%
Characteristics: Earthy, nutty, pine.
Substitutes: Fuggle

Spalt (GER)
AA Range: 3.5 - 5%
Characteristics: Spicy, Noble hop aroma.
Substitutes: Saaz, Tettnang

Stella (AUS)
AA Range: 14 - 16%
Beta: 4 - 4.5%
Cohumulone: 36%
Characteristics: Spicy, earthy, hints of star anise. Floral.
Substitutes: Mix of English and Noble varieties

Sterling (US)
AA Range: 5 - 9%
Characteristics: Floral, spicy, slight citrus aroma.
Substitutes: Saaz

Sticklebract (NZ)
AA Range: 11 - 14%
Characteristics: Piney, citrus. Harsher bittering.

Strisselspalt (France)
AA Range: 3 - 5%
Characteristics: Mild Noble-like flavor, spicy, herbal.
Substitutes: Hersbrucker, Hallertau 

Styrian Goldings (Slovenia)
AA Range: 4.5 - 6%
Characteristics: Mild, spicy aroma.
Substitutes: Aurora, Fuggle, Williamette

Summer (AUS)
AA Range: 4 - 7%
Beta: 4.8 - 6.1%
Cohumulone: 23 - 25%
Characteristics: Apricot, orange marmalade, melon notes; undercurrent of mild earth, spice. Click through for notes on my Summer hopped pale ale.
Substitutes: Possibly Rakau, Amarillo

Summit (US)
AA Range: 17 - 19%
Characteristics: Smooth bittering with orange, tangerine, citrus character.
Substitutes: Apollo

Super Pride (AUS)
AA Range: 9 - 10.5%
Beta: 5.5 - 6%
Cohumulone: 32%
Characteristics: Unique, intense aroma describe as "coarse," citrusy, herbal. Ubiquitous Australian hop.
Substitutes: Cluster, Galena

Sun (US)
AA Range: 12 - 16%

Super Alpha (NZ)
AA Range: 10 - 12%
Characteristics: Piney, grassy, lemongrass.
Substitutes: N/A

Tahoma (US)
AA Range: 7.2 - 8.2%
Beta: 8.5 - 9.5%
Cohumulone: 15 - 17%
Characteristics: Citrus and lemon notes; cedar, pine, floral, subtle melon.
Substitutes: N/A

Target (UK)
AA Range: 8 - 13%
Characteristics: Herbal, earthy, grassy.
Substitutes: Admiral

(Hallertau) Taurus (GER)
AA Range: 12 - 17%
Characteristics: Noble, aromatic, zesty.
Substitutes: Horizon, Herkules, Magnum

Tettnang (GER)
AA Range: 3.5 - 5%
Characteristics: Herbal, slightly spicy, woody.
Substitutes: Saaz, Spalt, Ultra

Topaz (AUS)
AA Range: 15.5 - 18%
Beta: 6 - 7%
Cohumulone: 47 - 50%
Characteristics: Lychee fruit, tangerine, spice and resin. Touch of citrus.
Substitutes: Possibly Rakau, Stella

Tradition (GER)
AA Range: 5 - 7%
Characteristics: Sweetly flowery, earthy. Bred to be stronger version of Hallertau.
Substitutes: Hallertau, Liberty

Triplepearl (US)
AA Range: 10.2 - 11.2%
Beta: 3.3 - 4.2%
Cohumulone: 21 - 25%
Characteristics: Notes of melon, orange citrus, resin, spice and pepper.
Substitutes: Pearl

Ultra (US)
AA Range: 4.5 - 5%
Characteristics: Spicy, floral, mild. Noble hop replacement.
Substitutes: Saaz, Spalt, Tettnang

Vanguard (US)
AA Range: 5 - 6%
Characteristics: Slightly flowery, herbal, and mild. Similar to Hallertau.
Substitutes: Hallertau, Spalt, Tettnang

Waimea (NZ)
AA Range: 15 - 16%
Characteristics: Pine needles, citrus fruit, grapefruit, tangerine.
Substitutes: N/A

Wakatu (NZ)
AA Range: 7 - 9%
Beta: 5.8% - 8.5%
Cohumulone: 28 - 35%
Characteristics: Mildly spicy, with a floral and citrus / lime character. Also known as Hallertau Aroma.
Substitutes: N/A

Warrior (US)
AA Range: 15 - 17%
Characteristics: Clean, mellow flavor; mild citrus lemon character.
Substitutes: Bravo, possibly Apollo or Magnum

Willamette (US)
AA Range: 4 - 6%
Beta: 3.5 - 4.5%
Cohumulone: 30 - 35%
Characteristics: Herbal, woody, earthy.
Substitutes: Fuggle, Tettnang

Yakima Gold (US)
AA Range: 8.8 - 10.5%
Beta: 4.3 - 5.0%
Cohumulone: 21 - 23%
Characteristics: Cross between early American Cluster and a native Slovenian male with mild and pleasant character.
Substitutes: Pearl

See: Columbus/Tomahawk.

Zythos (US)
AA Range: 10 - 12%
Characteristics: Strongly aromatic, with tangerine, lemon, grapefruit, and pine notes.
Substitutes: Cascade, Ahtanum, Sorachi Ace

To compile these results, I basically Googled each hop and tried to cross-reference at least four or five different resources. (However, many newer hops only had one or two sites describing them, so I did the best I could.) Sites referenced include Northern Brewer, Rebel Brewer, Brew Dudes, Beer Advocate, Wikipedia, and the HomeBrewTalk Wiki — all fantastic sites and resources. I also tried to avoid hops that are not commercially available (discontinued) and therefore of little use to homebrewers.


  1. I think you have the descriptions for Pacifica and Pacific Jade reversed.

  2. You're totally right, whoops. Thanks for pointing that out, fixed now.

  3. Here's a couple more I don't see on the list yet. Mosaic(HBC369)-alpha 10-12%,tropical,mango,tangerine,blueberry. Meridian-alpha 6.7%, beta 9.0%, floral,lemony,tropical fruit, fruit punch.

  4. Here is a site with a few you dont have plus good pictures of many varieties.

  5. Thanks for the tips. Where did you find that info on Mosaic? They sound delicious, but I can't find any references to "Mosaic hops" on Google.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Great list! Thanks for the resource.

    1. Stan Hieronymous talks about Mosaic on the BeerSmith Podcast 37. He's got a book on hops coming out in September too.

    2. Nice, thanks for the tip, I'm adding it to the list.

  7. Caliente. High alpha, allegedly cherry-licorice flavor.

  8. Derek, I love this hop cheat sheet. I'm going to a fresh hop beer fest tomorrow in Portland, and two of the beers are single-hopped with Meridian, which you have annotated as "not much info available yet." I hope to try them, and will report my findings.

    Indiana Pete Arsenfarger

    1. Thanks! Glad to hear it's helpful. I definitely need to get some more info on Meridian, so I'd love to hear what you think of it. Sounds like an awesome festival.

    2. You're welcome! I wish I had made tasting notes yesterday, this is from memory which, after tasting 10 different fresh-hopped beers, is a little hazy. I calibrated my taste buds with a pale single-hopped with Cascade. Then I had a pale, made by Ninkasi, single-hopped with Meridian. And I said "yuck," I didn't like it at all. I didn't detect any citrusy or tropical fruit notes. I just got herbal, maybe almost sage-like. Then I had a farmhouse-style beer single-hopped with Meridian, and it was quite good. However, it tasted the way farmhouse beers taste which is from the yeast strain, I believe, and was not highly-hopped. So at this point my thinking is, Meridian may be OK for some beer styles, but definitely not pales, India pales, where I (my personal taste preference, that is) want citrus and pine-y notes.

      Indiana P.A.

  9. Hah, that is always the problem with festivals isn't it? Thanks for the notes on Meridian. From what I've read from those breweries using it already, it sounds almost like the opposite of what I'd expect. I wonder if the batch got screwed up somehow or if there's some variety between sources.

  10. Just came across this whilst searching for a full hop list. Fantastic job, thank you for all your hard work putting this together, much appreciated and very useful.

    Edinburgh, UK.

  11. Great list there. Could maybe add Bobek?

  12. Great List! Glad to see this all in one place. Just a couple quick notes - Zythos and both the Falconer's Flight 'hops' are pellet hops that are actually a blend of a number of different hop varietals together, rather than cross-breeds. The Falconers are named after Glen Hay Falconer, an Oregon brewer that died in a tragic accident back in 2002, and proceeds go to a foundation that bears his name.

    1. Thanks! Yeah I need to update those — I don't think I realized they were literally blended pellets of different varieties back when I added them to the list. An interesting technique, for sure.

  13. Great list! Wanted something like this for a loooong time.

    BrewDog's "IPA is Dead" series has a couple of new ones this year that are not on your list:
    Dana - Slovenian - 11-16% AA - another noble descendant
    Waimea - New Zealand - 16-19% AA - citrussy; related to Pacific Jade

    Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks! I had not heard of either of those so that's a big help. Cheers!

  14. Nice suggestions! I like the post. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Nice post! Just 1 thing - Tettnang is a German noble hop - it isn't from the UK

    1. Whoops, that was a silly typo! Thanks for catching that.


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