Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Victory - Storm King Stout Review

Brewery: Victory (PA)
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 9.1%
Grade: B+

Stouts aren't generally thought of as a bitter style, but they certainly can be. And Storm King stout is bitter; bitter like black coffee, that sort of harsh, dark bitterness that lashes onto your tongue and sits there. I certainly don't mind; this is a great beer. But Storm King Stout might actually taste more bitter than most IPAs I've ever had. So be prepared, with this one.

Storm King isn't even a coffee stout, but anything with this much roasted dark character going on is going to have a lot in common with that other black beverage. It creates a nice dynamic of being both dry and chocolatey-sweet at the same time; there's also a strong spiciness that I can't quite pin down. While all this helps to cover up the actual alcohol, Storm King nonetheless tastes strong. A milk stout this is not.

I fully admire the all-out aggressiveness of this one — the kind of beer you can feel kicking your ass on its way down, and not just afterwards. While it's not as drinkable as some other imperial stouts I've had, it's as flavorful and complex as anything else around. For anyone who drinks their coffee black — try this beer.

Availability: Year round, in six-packs.

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