Sunday, September 16, 2012

Collabearation Cupcakes With Bear Flavored Imperial Stout

So, this is a cool thing that happened.

My friend Amanda Garufi is a legit cupcake-homebrewer based in Beacon. I hope she someday soon has her own bakery or pastry shop, because she is very, very good at making cupcakes. And due to the unshakable influence of the National Cupcake Lobby on our government, cupcake homebrewers have more rights than us beer homebrewers. While I am unable to sell my beer to anyone as a homebrewer (though you are welcome to add me to your will, or convince your parents or rich uncle to do so), Amanda can and does sell her cupcakes to the public, though she doesn't have a "store" at the moment. What a world we live in.

Anyway, we had the idea of collaborating on some sort of bastard beer-cupcake hybrid. My part of the collaboration involved handing her a few bottles of Bear Flavored Belgian Vanilla Imperial Stout, and later eating a large number of the resulting cupcakes. (I am able to eat a great many more of her cupcakes than I am able to drink of my beers.) Obviously, a dark beer is going to work best in a cupcake, especially a chocolate cupcake. My Imperial Stout came out very rich and sweet — especially now that it's almost a year old — so I figured it would do nicely when reincarnated as a desert.

The results are awesome, especially with the Vanilla Stout Buttercream frosting, and the brilliant idea to include pretzel chunks for a salty contrast to the sugar. You can definitely taste the beer in the cupcake, as a sort of malty, differently-rich flavor than the generically-sweet flavor you typically find in desert foods. (This is why I'm a beer reviewer and not a cupcake reviewer.) It might just be Amanda's natural cupcake-making skill, but the body of the cupcake (are there terms for these things?) seems more moist and textured than I'm used to. I have to say, the cupcake version is better than my original beer.

So, if you live in the Hudson Valley area and are in need of some cupcakes, I'll just leave this here:

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