Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bear Flavored Gets a Facelift... and a Facebook Page

It's been in the works for a while — I tend to dwell on projects for a long time before releasing them into the wild, which bodes well for my future as a sour beer brewer — but I figured the start of 2013 was as good a time as any to go live with the new The internet has been kind to me lately — pageviews have jumped significantly every month for the last five months, and I've really appreciated all the insightful comments everyone has been leaving recently. Homebrewers make a great community. I'm truly excited for 2013, as I have a number of entries, experiments and ideas planned.

New Website Design
Did you totally notice it right away, you guys? What do you think? The changes probably don't seem drastic, admittedly — a few cosmetic tweaks, and some layout modifications that will give me more flexibility as a webmaster in the future. The new design features a banner image I created from the painting "Making Game of the Hunter" by William Holbrook Beard (1825 - 1900). Since discovering his work, Beard has become one of my favorite artists, and you'll see his paintings used in a few of the beer label designs I've been working on. Beard mostly painted satiric scenes of anthropomorphic animals doing weird and creepy things, and bears are heavily featured in his work. Plus, his last name was "Beard." And he's buried near my old apartment in Brooklyn. So yeah, awesome dude.

Bear Flavored on Facebook
You may also notice the "Connect" buttons in the sidebar now offter a "Facebook" link. It's true: Bear Flavored is now on Facebook, so please head over there and "Like" my page. I've realized that I get most of my news updates (from other blogs) via Facebook, so I should probably be utilizing it myself. I've never really been happy with Twitter — it's okay for skimming a bunch of links quickly, but it sucks for group discussions or detailed conversations. Facebook certainly has its issues, but basically every human being on the planet uses it, and if I want this blog to be a "thing," it makes sense to take advantage of it. And, honestly, I look forward to opening up more avenues of discussion and conversation — which Facebook is actually pretty good for.

Bear Flavoring in the Year Ahead
As I mentioned, I have a number of ideas for 2013 that I'm excited about, both for brewing and for the blog... but I won't reveal them just yet. However, after a year and a half working at this thing, I think I have a good idea what I want to do with it. In the beginning, I considered posting regular beer industry news, or at least occasional news commentary. I quickly realized that other sites have this capably covered. Instead, I've chosen to focus on beer reviews (every Tuesday) and homebrewing / beer knowledge (every Thursday, more or less). I like this split: the beer reviews give me a chance to write about things I may not have experience with as a homebrewer, plant the seeds of inspiration for future brews, or just contrast what I brewed against a commercial example.

A few things I'd like to do more of in 2013: interviews, and more features. I've been slow planning these types of articles in 2012, as I haven't been entirely sure what angle to take with them. While interviews will probably not form a significant portion of Bear Flavored's content in 2013, you will hopefully see a few more of them as I figure out how they fit in the context of the rest of the blog.

So, once again, thank you for the support you've shown me in 2012. Check me out on Facebook and Twitter. And let's brew some tasty beer in 2013.


  1. Idea for a feature: Come to the Firestone Walker Invitational on June 1. And then cover it? Thats a very, very loose idea that has more to do with drinking a lot of crazy beers and less to do with a feature. But whatever.

  2. Great job with the website! It looks fantastic.


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