Monday, November 18, 2013

DC Brau - On The Wings Of Armageddon Imperial IPA Review

Brewery: DC Brau (DC)
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 9.2%
Grade: A

So many considerations go into a beer that it's refreshing to see some brewers still list the basic ingredients (varieties of malts and hop) on their website or packaging. It gives you an idea what to expect, the over-arching theme, but it doesn't give away every secret layer of nuance. There is definitely something to be said for those elusive, top-secret beer recipes, products of years of mixing and matching obscure ingredients. Some beers may never be unraveled. But there is rarely only one way to make a great beer, and others rely on a few malts, a single hop, and are still perfect. 

On The Wings Of Armageddon, an imperial IPA (happily presented in cans) from DC Brau Brewing Co, is brewed with Falconers Flight hops, and a grain bill of pale malt, C-60, Cara-Pils and wheat. Pretty typical for the style. Now, Falconer's Flight is technically a blend of many of the most popular American "C" hops, so calling it a single hop beer may be a bit misleading. But whatever blend of hops Falconer's Flight contains, it's hard to think of a better cross-section of American hop flavors than what OTWOA brings.

A quintessential IPA in its general character, ripe with pine, grapefruit, citrus, the usual, etc., and so on, there's happily still an undercurrent of nuanced, delicate flavors here. Beyond a blast of dank bitterness, there's still a quieter berry / melon character that I've come to expect from Simcoe and Columbus hops (at least one of which I'm guessing is represented in that blend). OTWOA finishes dry and substantially bitter, but without stepping into the over-saturated realm of cloying, or stickily resinous. This Armageddon is a hop-bomb, but it' real quick about wiping out your palate; no unnecessary cruelty here. And that's just how I like my taste buds destroyed.

Availability: Rotating release. 12 ounce cans.


  1. Great review. Just had this beer last week and loved it. Really enjoyed this breakdown of the taste. Nailed it.

  2. I went to the brewery this weekend. It had a really cool atmosphere and all the beers were good. They did not have "Wings" as they call it on tap, but people were raving about it so I bought a case. I thought the price was a little high @ $70 a case but I bough it anyway. Its no doubt in my top 10 IMIPAS, but when I pay Heady Topper price I expect something a little better.

    None the less your review was spot on, and it is a really good beer.

    1. Yeah, Heady Topper is at such an incredible price point that it's almost unfair to other similar beers. I confess I have never seen this one in a store since I'm out of the distribution range, a friend brought me some cans back from a trip.


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