Monday, February 3, 2014

New Hops Alert: Azacca, Vic Secret, ADHA 484 / 527 / 529 / 871 / 881

New Hops

Why am I making a whole separate blog post about a couple new hop varieties when Bear Flavored's illustrious and comprehensive "Ultimate Guide to Hop Varieties / Hop Cheat Sheet" already exists? Well, since I first published and researched my hop guide all those years ago, many new hops have hit the scene, and I've debated how to best aggregate all these experimental varieties with little info and negligible documented brewing experience.

The problem with including experimental hop varieties into an ever-changing online guide is that many of them will be discontinued after a few growing seasons. These hops will pop up in test batches of some commercial pale ales over the next year, find their way to a few online retailers, and maybe even stick around long enough to be given a name. Sometimes, an HBC 369 turns into Mosaic and officially blows up the brewing world. Other times these hops will be beta tested for a growing season or two and then quietly disappear. But as homebrewers, we actually have some power to affect the fate of these hops, as their unofficial beta-testers. So let's see what the future of hops looks like this year.

Most of this round originates from the American Dwarf Hop Association, and one of them, ADHA 483, is apparently already significant enough to get that big push into having an actual name.

Azacca (ADHA 483)
AA Range: 14 - 16%
Beta: 5.4%
Cohumulone: N/A
Total Oil: 1.8 ml/100g
Characteristics: Fresh citrus, tangerine, mango, grapefruit, piney, spicy, pineapple.
Other Notes: Sounds like this is the best-suited of this new lot (from the ADHA) for American IPAs, so it's no surprise that it's the first to get an actual name.

ADHA 484
AA Range: 11 - 12%
Beta: 3.5%
Cohumulone: 46.8%
Total Oil: N/A
Characteristics: Cedar, wood, bubblegum, spice.
Other Notes: Intriguing descriptors here. Sounds appropriate for English beers, or oak-aged beers.

ADHA 527
AA Range: 14 - 15%
Beta: 4.5%
Cohumulone: 36.8%
Total Oil: N/A
Characteristics: Anise, licorice, spice, mint, floral.

ADHA 529
AA Range: 11%
Beta: 3.2%
Cohumulone: 25.5%
Total Oil: N/A
Characteristics: Sweet coconut, lemon, mint, green herbal tea.

ADHA 871
AA Range: 13.4%
Beta: 4%
Cohumulone: 27.4%
Total Oil: N/A
Characteristics: Floral, citrus, strong mint, herbal, mellow spice, sage, slight lemon.
Other Notes: Should be a contender for some saisons.

ADHA 881
AA Range: 16.3%
Beta: 7.3%
Cohumulone: 35.4%
Total Oil: N/A
Characteristics: Banana, pear, peach, herbal, spice.
Other Notes: First time I've seen banana as a hop descriptor!

Vic Secret
AA Range: 14 - 17%
Beta: 6.1 - 7.8%
Cohumulone: 51 - 56 %
Total Oil: 2.2 - 2.8 ml/100g
Characteristics: Pineapple, passionfruit, pine. Earthy when used in boil. "Lighter and less dominant than Galaxy."
Other Notes: The grower notes: "the clean, distinct fruit and pine characters of Vic Secret are best accessed by dry hopping or whirlpool additions." Also, not really the best name for a hop.


  1. Where have you seen the best option for purchasing these?

    1. Yakima Valley Hops is the only place I've seen carrying most of the ADHA varieties, although I think Azacca pops up at a few places. Vic Secret doesn't look to be available much outside Australia right now, but I imagine we're going to see it hitting more stores internationally this spring.

  2. Vic Secret? Really? What the hell were they thinking?

    1. It's a rather odd choice, right?

    2. I think it was originally Victoria's Secret named after the State in Australia, but then it had to be changed for obvious reasons....

  3. Had a Vic Secret from BrewDog's "IPA is Dead" range the other day. I remember little about it other than the fact it was delicious.

  4. I will definitely be SMaSHing some Vic Secret once I get my hands on her. Just sayin'...

    1. And that right there is probably why they went with that name! Haha.

  5. Vic Secret is a new aussie hop. The name is because it's grown in Victoria, a state in Australia. I guess it has some kind of story behind it, like that some farmer was growing this hop without knowing what it was and tasted it and it was amazing (pure speculation, but like the Meridian story). From that point the pun is a pretty obvious name choice for a non-serious aussie farmer :P. It was originally named Victoria Secret but it changed to Vic Secret before they released it (I guess for trademark reasons)

  6. Victory uses Azacca in their Hop Ranch DIPA, and that beer is delicious so sounds like I'll be giving it a try. Get that beer before its gone, its a seasonal and it does not disappoint.

    1. Oh, good to know. I actually haven't seen Hop Ranch around these parts, I wonder if they're not distro'ing it much outside of PA? If I see some, I'll definitely be picking it up.

    2. I am not sure on the distro but I think its more limited then their core brands. We could set up a little trade if you like, its disappearing rapidly around here.


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