Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Finding Fermentation in New Orleans

Well, I'm now over two months into my Fermented Man diet. Only... ten more months to go, huzzah! In short: yes I feel healthy, yes it is a lot of work and at times frustrating, and yes it is getting easier the longer I go, and the more creative I get. The hardest thing is finding food when I'm out of the house, and that's especially true if I'm traveling for a couple days at a time.

My first significant trip this year was to New Orleans for a couple days last week. I wrote about the experience over at my Fermented Man Tumblr, so if you're curious what sort of unusual and enlightening fermentations I was able to dig up in a city best known for cheap booze, check it out. And as always, www.thefermentedman.com for regular picture posts.

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