Monday, December 1, 2014

New Sizes for Brettanomyces Shirts, Plus Brett Hoodies!

Good news for those of you celebrating some sort of gift-giving holiday and/or occasion in the next month: I've sold enough of at least a few t-shirt designs to be able to re-order. And that means a few additional cool things that will doubtlessly fill you with holiday spirit.

"Space Metal Brett" and "Black Metal Brett" have proven to be reasonably popular designs (as has the "Wild Yeast Appeared!" shirt, but I ordered more of those in the first place). Therefore, I will definitely be re-ordering those two. The "Funky Brett" design is running low in a few sizes, but perhaps not quite low enough to warrant a re-ordering right now. However, if there's a lot of demand, we could maybe make it happen.

Here's where this re-order benefits you, dear clothing-wearer:

As many of you have pointed out, I didn't get any XXL size shirts in the first order. (Having never made nor sold t-shirts before, I just took the recommended size distribution from the printer, not really thinking about the fact that XXL shirts had to be specially ordered. Sorry!) This time, I will definitely get some larger sizes. However, if you know you want one of these in a larger size, please feel free to let me know in the comments just so I can get a rough gauge of how many to order.

Also exciting: I have found out that I can order a few hoodies alongside the t-shirts without having to do a whole separate bulk-hoodie purchase. Again, for now, hoodies would just be one of the above two designs. I need to get an exact quote once I place the order, but I expect they'll run around $35. If you would like to ensure that you are able to buy a Space Metal or Black Metal hoodie, please let me know which you'd like and in what size in the comments.

Similarly, I have not been able to gauge the interest in any of these designs in the form of a girl-specific shirt, so if you'd like me to investigate that, let me know that as well.

In the future: maybe hats with the mash paddle pentagram? That'd probably be cool.

Thanks everyone for your interest in these! Once I feel out the demand here, I will place an order and should be able to have these new items sent out by your End of December Holiday of Choice.



  1. If you had a death metal version (with some nearly-illegible death metal lettering) I would buy it up in a second. Until then, I will wait until you restock the black metal tee in small.

    1. XXXL. I'm throwing money at my monitor

  2. Put me down for one Black Metal in XXL!

  3. Black metal hoodie in XL please!


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