Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Brett Hoodies Plus Restocked Brett Shirts, For All Your Brettanomyces Apparel Needs

As foreseen by the Prophecy, my Black Metal Brettanomyces and Space Metal Brettanomyces shirt designs have returned from the dark void of Outofstock, and made their terrible respawn in the new form of sweet zip-up hoodies. Fly, fly, to the safety of my webstore, so that you may be cloaked in the grim illusion of comfort afforded to your frail humanity by these merciful and sweet Brettanomyces garmets.

I've only ordered a limited quantity of the hoodies to start, to see how they go over, so act fast if you want one. They're light-weight hoodies, zippered, with the design on the back and a blank front.

The same Black Metal and Space Metal designs are also now restocked. They've proven to be by far my most popular designs (I was actually anticipating that the Wild Yeast Appeared! design would be), so I was able to order new variations of these two before any of the others. So, that means there are now some XXL sizes available for these two.

Finally, so that I can sell through them faster, I've marked down my Bear Flavored "Fermenting Bear Skull" design to $15. Get 'em now, because I'll probably sell the blog to AB In-Bev soon, and you'll want to have something to burn in protest.

The link to my store, one last time.

And once again, thanks for being interested in my silly website and silly t-shirts!


  1. Why must I be broke right now!?! Dang. I've always loved those designs, and now that you have them in a hoodie??!! Dude...

  2. These types of hoodies are suitable for mens but these style will never complement a women's beauty.


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