Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Fermented Man: Soft Release This Week, Full Availability Next Week

Over the last two years, I wrote a book called The Fermented Man about the importance of fermentation in our diets and lives, and the curious things one learns when you live off of nothing but fermented foods for an entire year. It's a book about microbes, weird foods, culinary history, Americans' obsessions with health trends, and what it's like to follow a hyper-challenging meta diet.

Just wanted to let you know that The Fermented Man, while officially technically released this week, is making more of a soft gradual roll-out. Full availability will come next week -- by then most stores, and Amazon, should have the book in stock. An e-book version is available right now. IndieGoGo backers should be receiving their copies over the next few weeks as well.

If you aren't ordering online, please stop by your local bookstore or homebrew shop and ask them to keep The Fermented Man in stock, if they haven't already gotten copies!

If you are in NYC, come out to Covenhoven tonight (7/20) for a book launch party and Kent Falls rare beer night (there's gonna be some awesome stuff, and a limited number of copies of the book for sale), and if you're in the Hudson Valley, I'll be doing a very cool event with Stock Up in Beacon this weekend, also with beer, and fermented food pairings as well.

Beyond that, here's a list of events I will be at for the rest of the summer and early fall.

A few things you can do that will tremendously help out a first-time author: please share word and photos of The Fermented Man on social media to help get the word out, and please leave me a review on Amazon once you're done! Both are very small things that are surprisingly enormously helpful for the book's visibility.

Thank you for reading, and I very much hope you enjoy the book!

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