Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Couple Ways You Can Really Help Out a First-Time Author

By now you've undoubtedly heard that I wrote a book called The Fermented Man: A Year On the Front Lines of a Food Revolution, and are aware that it came out several weeks ago, after a many-year journey through illustrative meta diets, weird French Fries, rotten shark meat, and the publishing industry. By now, you have undoubtedly picked up several dozen copies for all your family and friends, and have hungrily read through your own copy while relaxing on the beach with your citrus-infused IPA of choice. I think the book is a an interesting read whether you're into fermentation already or not, and I hope it reaches the mainstream enough to bring some new people into fermenting. That's the goal, ultimately — to spread fermentation awareness, as well as entertain.

But to achieve that goal, I obviously need to reach many people who have never previously heard of me or my writing. There are, in fact, a few very simple things you yourself can do to help me make this book a success.

First, after you're done reading the book, please consider writing me a review on Amazon. However you feel about the site, it plays a major role in how people shop for books these days, and from what I understand, reviews factor heavily into a book's visibility (due to Algorithm Stuff). The more reviews the book has, the more likely it is that shoppers who are interested in other similar narrative non-fiction food books will happen across it. Doesn't have to be a long review — even just a few sentences. It makes a big difference and I hugely appreciate the feedback regardless! So honestly, that's the big one right now.

Secondly, and more obviously, is just telling everyone you know who might be interested about the book. Word of mouth and social media discussion can go a long way in building momentum in the early stages of an indie book's release.

Finally, if you own a small aircraft, another easy way to get word out about the book is to make one of those word banners that you always see at the beach trailing behind airplanes. Simply make a gigantic banner that says something along the lines of "The Fermented Man - A Year on the Front Lines of a Food Revolution is in stores now!!!!" and trail it behind your airplane while you fly around your region, or the closest beach.

Thank you very much for helping out a dude who really likes writing books. I hope you enjoy it.

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